Why Take our Intensives?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to a technical education. That’s why it is our goal to provide you with the highest-quality professional instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and current, industry standard facilities and technology.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are industry professionals and experts in interactive design, web development, and user experience. Equally skilled as educators, they all know how to deliver active learning for maximum results.

Cutting-edge Curriculum

Our cutting-edge curriculum features the latest programming languages, libraries, and modern coding techniques.

From day one, you will begin learning and applying your new skills to projects for your portfolio.

Classrooms & Computers

Our top-of-the-line MAC computers feature the latest in software and lightning fast internet.

Our classrooms and buildings are secure, insuring a safe and professional learning environment.

Intensive Overview

The Web Development Intensive is a three-phase training series that will teach you the skills to enter the high-demand web development job market. With cutting-edge curriculum, top-of-the-line facilities, and instructors who are working professionals, our Intensives will have you learning to build websites from day one.

Front End Web Development Intensive Level 1 teaches the basics of front-end web development, including HTML, CSS, and CSS frameworks. (Need desired name for this:) Front End Web Development Intensive Level 2 tackles JavaScript and JavaScript libraries, and dives deeper into responsive web design. (Need desired name for this:) Advanced Web Development Intensive Level 3 teaches the server-side of fundamentals for back-end development, and trains on expert-level JavaScript. The Intensive series will provide you with the tools necessary for creating today’s competitive professional websites and applications.

Completion of all three levels of the Web Development Intensive will prepare you to be a professional front-end web developer, ready to enter this fast-growing, high demand field. Visual designers and user experience professionals will benefit from any level in the series by building a broader skill set and supporting career advancement.

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About Front End Web Development Intensive Level 1

The Front-end Web Development Intensive Level 1 will train you on the basics of coding necessary as you set your sights on a new career. In just 12 weeks you will have built a foundation of knowledge using the tools professional developers use every day. This Level 1 Intensive is also great for visual designers and user experience professionals eager to add technical competence to their skill set.

From day one you will dive headlong into HTML and CSS, and you will build your very first webpage from scratch. With every weekly class, you will gain valuable new skills in web programming, user experience, and HTML and CSS layout. You will work hard to build projects for your portfolio and then apply your learning to publish these projects to your own website. No grades! No homework! No prior experience needed!

Intensive levels meet just once per week, which means you can manage your busy life while learning. Each eight-hour session is packed with hands-on instruction, group exercises, and real-world projects. Our instructors are expert teachers and industry professionals that deliver a fast-paced learning environment focused on delivering results.

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The Web Development Intensive is a three-phase training series that will take you from beginner to expert with a graduated program of hands-on demos, active learning exercises, and real-world portfolio projects.


PRO 001: Foundations of Front End Web Development

12 weeks


    1. Tools and HTML Basics
    2. Domains, Hosting, and more HTML
    3. Media Basics
    4. User Experience & Visual Design
    5. CSS Basics
    6. CSS Basics Continued
    7. CSS Box Model
    8. Page Layout
    9. CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap)
    10. Bootstrap continued
    11. Validation and Debugging
    12. Moving Forward


PRO 002: Intermediate Topics in Front End Web Development

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PRO 003: Advanced Topics in Web Development

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Project Examples

Please take a moment to view the kind of work you could be creating for your portfolio during our short 12 week program. These project examples reflect the skills you will learn in the Web Development Intensive training series.

Project One


Project Two


Project Three


Project Four


We're Here to Support You

We know that trying something new can be difficult and intimidating -- that’s why we make it our mission to support you. With a team of instructors, administrators, and support staff there is always someone you can reach out to for assistance and guidance.

Hamilton Cline

Web Developer / Illustrator / Educator
Instructor, Front End Web Development Intensive Level 1

Fred McHale

Online Director
Web Development Intensive General Manager

Changying Zheng

Associate Director
School of Web Design & New Media

Nikki Oettinger

Online Associate Director
Web Development Intensive Manager

Raina Maes

Online Coordinator
Web Development Intensive Coordinator

Ryan Medeiros

School of Web Design & New Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Coding, especially for the web, is an essential skill in today's professional world. Most industries require professionals to interact with technical teams. Our Web Development Intensive will provide you with the skills necessary to work closely with these teams as well as plan, create, and edit websites and web applications.

A pen and paper will be useful for taking notes. All hardware and software needed to complete in-class work will be provided by Academy of Art University. *There is no homework, so you will not be responsible for bringing any assignments to class with you.

In the Front End Web Development Intensive Level 1 (Foundations), you will gain the skills necessary to create websites with HTML and CSS. Levels 2 and 3 will provide more intermediate and advanced skills.(Once Levels 2 and 3 are built out and registered with their new names, we’ll need to list them out with ‘skills gained’ as we do for Level 1 here above.)

This program is designed for beginners, designers, user experience professionals, and students

The only thing you’ll need to know is basic computer and web browser usage.

The Web Development Intensive meets weekly during its 12 week period on Saturdays, from 9AM - 5PM. There will be a break for lunch along with other short breaks throughout the day. Intensive classes meet at 180 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94105. Our classrooms and buildings are secure, insuring a safe and professional learning environment.

You should have an external USB thumbdrive (minimum storage space 1 Gigabyte) for copying and storing files. It’s recommended that you have a Dropbox account or Google Drive account for storing files on the cloud but this is not required.

No. Our classrooms have top of the line iMac computers with all the software. The vast majority of students do bring their own laptop as a convenience but this is not required.

There are no required specifications or software, but we do recommend that your laptop be relatively up-to- date and have WiFi capability. A laptop that is older than 3-5 years may not be ideal for your purposes, but there is no specific requirement. Your instructor will introduce a range of software with free options on the first day of the Intensive.

Yes. You will need to purchase web hosting and a domain prior to attending the intensive. Also we will be reviewing this on the first day of the level 1 intensive, so if you don’t have one you can purchase one then. Please bring some sort of payment method (credit card recommended) in order to purchase the web hosting and domain.

No. There are plenty of great options out there for web hosting and domains. Do an internet search for “top web hosting companies” to find lists and reviews. Any mainstream web hosting and domain provider will work. Many people have success with godaddy.com and similar competitors. Ultimately it is your choice.

No. This decision is up to you. Your instructor will provide recommendations.

No. The skills you will learn in the Intensive will be a huge help in preparing you for your first web classes. Taking the Intensive will give you an extra boost of confidence in starting the program.

Yes. The Intensive is open to all people over 18 with a high school diploma.

Yes, but the Intensive does not count towards credit for your degree, or fulfill units or requirements of a degree.

No, The Intensive is a stand-alone learning experience and does not fulfill credits, units or requirements of a degree.

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