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We understand your situation, and we can help. We have helped many Art Institute students transfer credits so they can navigate their path to complete their degree. Students transferring directly from the Art Institutes are eligible for one of two possible options:

  1. Transfer up to 75% of your credits to your intended program at Academy of Art University.
  2. Students that completed 75% or more of their Associates Degree (68/90 credits or Bachelors Degree (135/180 credits) at the Art Institute will be eligible for a Teach Out Option.
  • Get $7000 DOLLARS in SCHOLARSHIPS. Both options provide seven $1,000 scholarships per semester for up to 7 semesters maximum. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units to be eligible. Students needing only 3 credits to graduate will be eligible for a $500 scholarship for 1 semester
  • Classes are available both online and onsite, in San Francisco
  • Let us help you get started. Fill out the form (on the right) or call 844-875-1981 so we can help you earn your degree without delay

We have graduates working at these respected companies, among others:

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"With Academy of Art University's Online program, not only could I keep my fulltime job, but I could also reach my goal of a college degree. I can access the Academy's website from anywhere, even from work during a lunch break!"

MFA, Fine Art - Sculpture

Manon Gauthier

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Textile Design alumna


Academy of Art University has a very creative and inspiring environment due to its geographical location as well as talented and knowledgeable faculty and professors.

"The Academy taught me to really pay attention to the materials I was using, to justify my intentions, to really analyze the design. Learning woodworking, metalsmithing, papermaking, moldmaking, bronze casting-learning every bit of the process-was instrumental in starting my own company. My experience was absolutely what enabled me to do what I do."

"Everything that I learned at the Academy really helped put me above the competition in the field that I'm in. It is the school that is going to push you to be the best artist that you can be. Every time I shoot, there's something that I'm using. The knowledge from the Academy is there, every single time."

"I had an incredibly conceptual, creative education at the Academy of Art University. Through this freedom and experimentation, I found my own voice, something that I know more than ever is extremely important in fashion. I will always hold the Academy of Art University close to my heart; it is where fashion started for me."

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Since 1929, we have helped thousands of art and design students from all over the world realize their professional and creative ambitions.

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